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JC Tonic is currently the only thing on the market that really embodies the whole body concept in the way that it was originally designed, the way that it was used in China for centuries but has been absent in Western medicine for hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of years.

This is a concept that embodies the ability to restore balance and health in all of the systems of the body; the immune system, the cardiovascular system, the digestive system, the reproductive system, the nervous system, and so on. Each system of the body has an optimum place where it operates and if we can keep that system operating at its optimum point, at the level that produces health, then our ability to resist many diseases that are plaguing our society is dramatically increased and that is what the promise of JC Tonic® is, to do just exactly that.

JC Tonic® earns its right to be called a Whole Body Tonic because it embodies the 10 essential properties required to aid all body systems.

1 - The first thing JC Tonic® does is restore and maintain balance, homeostasis, throughout all of the body systems.

2 - Secondly,JC Tonic® is able to increase energy through normal metabolic means, not artificially. You will not feel any effects like you might get from caffeine or something like that. It is a normal enhancement of metabolic energy.

3 - Third, it increases our general, overall resistance to infections of all kinds and it does that by enhancing the tonic property of the immune system. The immune system will be in perfect balance.

4 - Fourth, JC Tonic® will decrease the effects of stress and anxiety on our ability to perform and our ability to rest and sleep. People should not be taking one herb to put them to sleep, and another herb to wake them up in the morning. They shouldn't have to resort to artificial drugs for reducing sleep and anxiety. The tonic herbs in JC Tonic® will do all of that.

5 - Fifth, JC Tonic® will protect from free-radical damage. That just means that the tonic has good antioxidant activity.

6 - The sixth thing that JC Tonic® does is increase the body's ability to build muscle and/or lose weight through the burning of calories. So it improves the body's ability to utilize the dietary calories that we consume each and every day.

7 - Another thing JC Tonic® does is regulate digestion processes and balance them and, in the process, keep all of the organs and glands that are part of that system in balance. It will prevent such things as simple indigestion or ulcers. The tonic is also able to lower cholesterol and so forth.

8 - In addition to that, it is also able to strengthen the heart, to reduce cholesterol, blood pressure, to keep the bloods ability to clot in balance, so it isn't too much or too little. In other words, the tonic will keep the cardiovascular system in good health and that is a big issue and very difficult for drugs to do. Almost impossible for drugs to do, let's be honest about it, and there are very few herbs that can do that over the course of a person’s life. But the tonic herbs in JC Tonic® have that ability.

9 - Another thing JC Tonic® does is target the liver, the kidneys, and other glands related to the blood-purifying concept, and keep them in optimum health so that they can do their job the way that they are designed to and therefore reduce significantly the exposure to stressful toxins and pollutants in our atmosphere and food and so forth.

10 - Finally, we have to address the lower bowel. This is a difficult thing to address for any substance and it's one in which you would not picture the tonic being very helpful. Typically, we just want our bowels to run more if we are constipated or run less if we have diarrhea and it is hard to imagine something that would fight both of those tendencies at once, but in fact, the tonic herbs in JC Tonic® do that and they do it very well.

So, those are the principals that the Whole Body Tonic will address. We have something here with JC Tonic® that for decades has been able to offer all this to people who are willing and ready to consume it. Again, I distilled this from years of research and was I surprised to find out that here was a man, Anthony's father, Carl Jurak, who managed to do this decades ago. Well, I am glad he did and I am glad there is somebody out there who's been able to understand the tonic concept and put it into some kind of practical application that people can take advantage of. I think that's just exciting and I hope everyone understands how precious and how valuable this particular product is.



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