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Margaret, Colorado
I would like to thank you for such a wonderful product. I can't say enough about your tonic and how it has helped me with all my health problems. Ken Glenn, my upline, has been an inspiration to my husband and myself because of his enthusiasm. I am now recommending JC Tonic to all my family and friends!!! My youngest son is now taking your product and already has lots of energy. We are waiting for more so my oldest son can start.
But there is more to my story. Before using JC Tonic I suffered from many ailments for many years. I took tons of vitamins that were helping me somewhat. I suffered from arthritis in my wrists, candida, migraine headaches, which were caused from food allergies, and diabetes 2, which I controlled by diet. Because of the sugar problem, I suffered from on going infections and mild depression. My story began in 1989 when I became very ill. I began using vitamins, which were helpful, but caused an imbalance in my system. I was afraid to eat anything because of the food allergies, which were getting worse and worse everyday. I also had no energy.
After 4 days of taking 1/4 oz. of JC Tonic, I had so much energy!!! I told my husband he needed to contact Ken Glenn at work and get me a box immediately!!! I have been on the product for two months and you would not believe the amazing results I have gotten. I can use my hands again!!! I no longer suffer from the migraine headaches or the depression. My sugar is under control and the infections are gone.
You would never convince my husband to take supplements but after seeing my results he takes the product faithfully everyday. He says he has tons of energy and his mood is always pleasant. My youngest son also suffered from lack of motivation and energy and is now on your product. He called me the other day and says he has tons of energy on this product. I wrote my mother the other day to tell her about your amazing tonic because she suffers from knee problems. I will tell all my family and friends about the tonic and what it has done for me. Thanks for this wonderful product!!!

Judy, Colorado
I had allergies for a long time but didn't know what was causing it. Twelve years ago I found out I had candida, an overgrowth of yeast in the body, but the doctors never even talked to me about it. I read about it on my own. I was going through menopause, which added to my problems. My allergies kept getting worse and worse.
I took allergy shots for a while, but they never did much good so I quit. It seems that my allergies got better for a while, but my candida got worse. My doctor did an MRI. He said he saw a bulging disk, some arthritis, and that I would soon need hip replacement. "I'm only 56." I thought, "I can't have a hip replacement." I started searching and searching again.
I started giving myself allergy shots because I couldn't afford to go to the doctor twice a week. I took two allergy pills a day and anti-inflammatory pills for the pain in my hips, ankles and feet. I don't know why, but sometimes the bottom of my feet would swell. My blood pressure wasn't good. I was taking blood pressure medication and thyroid medication. The doctors wanted to take my thyroid gland out, but I said no, so they just added more medication to what I was already taking. By this time, I was taking about 10 medications a day. I was a mess just trying to keep track. I had trouble thinking straight, even at work.
One day I turned on the radio and, lo and behold, it was the start of a new, live morning show in Denver with Anthony Carl Jurak. I went home and looked Jurak Corporation World Wide, Inc., up on the Internet. I wanted to learn more about the company before I did anything. I spent two or three hours looking at the site. I just wanted to read more. I called the local number Anthony gave on the radio show. Arrangements were made and someone came to my house the next day. We sat around the table and talked. I bought my first box and I've been going ever since.
It hasn't been easy, but I did not give up because some days I would feel real good and I knew that I could achieve that everyday. There have been days that I felt on top of the world, like I can move mountains. I can feel my body healing. I no longer have to take allergy medication, shots or thyroid medication and I have plenty of energy to get through the day.
I will never stop taking this tonic. Anyone with help problems or those just wanting to feel better should take JC Tonic forever. Thanks Anthony and Team Jurak for such a fantastic product.

Marie, Maryland
I have had candida since 1996. I got so sick. My blood pressure went so high, 200 something over 137. I would go to go the hospital two or three times a week in the ambulance. I would react adversely to every kind of medication I was given for my blood pressure, especially one drug in particular. One doctor told me I shouldn’t take it, that it would make me worse, while my family doctor kept saying I had to take it or else I would have a stroke. Well, it ended up giving me a stroke and to make a long story short, there was nothing wrong with me but candida. After they almost killed me they sent me home to die, telling me that there was nothing they could do for me. They did not recognize that it was candida.
After that happened my husband started doing a lot of research. We started taking herbs. I started to feel better but I still wasn’t well. The herbs helped so I could at least deal with it, but I was always having bad headaches, my mind felt fuzzy, and if I ate anything that the yeast likes, I would immediately start itching all over.
I started drinking JC Tonic and in three weeks my yeast was totally gone. I knew because I am a colon therapist and whenever I would receive a colonic I would always see tons of yeast. Also, after taking the tonic, when I ate something I shouldn’t have, I didn’t itch. I thought, “This cannot be real.” Before I would eat a spoonful of ice cream and immediately I would be itching. However, ever since I’ve been taking the tonic, I have not had any itching, there is no yeast in my bowels and I’m not having a problem with fogginess. Because of the yeast my tongue was always white, but now my tongue is pink.

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