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Claude, Florida
I would like to tell you how good JC Tonic has been to me. I am 13-years-old. I used to go to sleep in class, but I do not anymore, because I take the tonic. It gives me more energy to run in P.E. I used to have really bad allergies, but I do not anymore. The tonic has been so good to me. I would like to thank you for all you have done.

Catarina, Nevada
With my baby close to celebrating her first year, I wanted to share with all of you how wonderful I have felt consuming JC Tonic both while I was pregnant and still today as I continue to nurse our little Catarina. Many Ambassadors of Health have asked if I consumed JC Tonic while I was pregnant - absolutely! If I didn't, I fear I would not have done as great as I did.
Catarina, we can say, was the first true blue JC Tonic baby since both my husband, Justino, and I have been drinking our tonic every day for almost four years now. Of course, I did tell my obstetrician that I was drinking JC Tonic and he was quite open to the idea that since the tonic had given me such tremendous energy, allowed me to sleep peacefully and made me have such a great disposition, then it certainly could not be harmful to our baby, but he nevertheless wanted to verify the ingredients and after he did so, he had no reservation about my consuming JC Tonic.
I must say that throughout the entire pregnancy, I felt super. I never had any morning sickness, never felt nauseated, never had one craving, slept well, had the energy to exercise, and worked right until the day Catarina was born. Even after she was born, I was back on the job, working from home just a few days later, and that's after having a C-Section. Many of you may not know this, but for about eight months Catarina came to work with me each and every day. She, in fact, became the JCWW baby. Everyone just enjoyed him tremendously! She is such a great baby that it was rather easy to have her at the office. She simply ate, slept and played.
Catarina received the health-giving benefits of JC Tonic from the onset of her life to this very day. Now, since I don't nurse her as often, I make sure she gets a few drops in each milk bottle every day. No more than twelve little drops a day and Catarina sleeps all night (from birth), is playful, is attentive, eats well and, according to her pediatrician, is the poster child for perfect health.
All I can say is that between both of my pregnancies, I assure you that during the one I consumed JC Tonic, I certainly felt great and do see enormous differences in the temperament and health of Catarina to my daughter born seven years ago when I wasn't drinking JC Tonic.

Sarah, Wisconsin
In August 2003, I was diagnosed with Graves Disease before I got pregnant with my second child. Graves Disease is a hyperactive thyroid and it is common to get it after a first or second pregnancy. I have been on a pill called PTU for thyroid and take one a day and JC Tonic. The doctor said I have a chance for miscarriage while on PTU. I was also told that during pregnancy the thyroid could act up and that would require a larger dose of PTU, but mine stayed the same throughout my pregnancy and after my pregnancy. I had a very healthy pregnancy.
My daughter, Sydney, is 2 years old and has been taking the tonic since she was born in 2002. We started her on it when she became gassy. She would cry and scream and then we would give her a couple of drops of tonic and she would stop crying. We also found that it works great if you water it down in a spray bottle and just spray it on their bottom - it stings a little, but it clears up within the next one or two diaper changes.
I was a nursing mother on JC Tonic. Both of my children were born with a blocked tear duct and their eye was filled with goopy matter. I put the tonic on my finger and rubbed it directly on there eye, which cleared it up. Both children like the taste of the tonic. My two year old asks for it every night before she goes to bed (1-2 teaspons). My seven year old gets an eye dropper full before bed and he has been sleeping through the night since he was six weeks old.

Steven, Colorado
Hi, my name is Steven. After I was born and went home from the hospital, I suffered from sleeping disorders. I struggled to breathe, I lost my breath and I snored loud. I had to sleep sitting up in a bouncer seat for a very long time, with my mom by my side. After seeing homeopathic doctors, Chinese doctors, chiropractors, and having a few cranial adjustments (that's having your head worked on) over a four year period with some results but none that were lasting, my mom and I thought it would help to get my tonsils out. The appointment was made and I was so happy to think I might soon be able to get a good night's sleep.
Then a miracle happened. My mom was introduced to Jurak Classic Whole Body Tonic. I had missed so much kindergarten due to sickness and being tired because of not being able to sleep at night, but when I started first grade, I made it almost every day because my mom gave me half an ounce of JC Tonic every morning before school to keep me healthy and happy. I am so glad I get a good night's sleep now and so is my mom. And now I have energy to go to school every day. I never did have to get my tonsils out. I'm eight now and for a year and a half I have been taking JC Tonic, and I don't plan on quitting. Thank you Mom, JC Tonic, and Anthony.

Susie, Colorado
Hi, my name is Susie. My son Steven was a very happy baby until he went to sleep; that’s when his problems started. He would gasp for air and sometimes he even stopped breathing. He would snore and was a very fitful sleeper. Having a newborn is hard; having a sick newborn is exhausting. I would try any natural method to help Steven, and I would tell anyone who would listen of Steven’s sleeping disorder. All the stress and sleepless nights had an adverse affect on me, although I didn’t notice it because I was too busy taking care of a sick baby. But when the panic attacks started and my depression got worse, I knew I needed help. At the time, I was only giving Steven ½ ounce of JC Tonic so I started taking the other half.
To make a long story short, I did get over my panic attacks and depression. Now I sleep better and don’t need a nap during the day anymore because I have energy that lasts all day. Finding the Tonic helped my continuous search for a natural product to help Steven and myself get well. THANK YOU JC Tonic and Jeanie for listening to my plea for help, and THANK YOU Anthony for providing the Whole Body Tonic.

Joi Marie Dunne, Arizona
Hi, I am 20 months old and I have been drinking the tonic daily for four months. At my age, sickness is very common, but not for me. I am teething right now too, but the tonic keeps it from hurting. Other kids are getting sick and grumpy, while I am playing with my puppy, Xena; she takes her tonic too. Grandpa named me “Tazz”, since I am always on the run. (Grandma wrote this for me, because I cannot write yet).

Cody, Wisconsin
I am 15 months old and my doctor says that I am the healthiest baby he has ever seen. My folks are very careful about the kind of food I eat and the supplements I take. As a matter of fact, Jurak Classic Whole Body Tonic is the only supplement our family ever uses. I get so excited when it is “tonic” time. To me, it tastes very good. I have not poisoned my taste buds with lots of unhealthy foods like most adults. Starting the tonic at my age, along with a healthy diet and good exercise, you may see me wearing the Gold in the 2020 Olympics. Let’s Stay Young Together, so drink to your good health.

Collin, California
Collin Low (age six and a half) is the grandson of Rose and Jack Hong. He had trouble with food for about a year. Doctors could not find the cause, prescribed different products, had him eliminate certain foods - nothing helped. After taking JC Tonic, he no longer has these pains. His four and a half year old sister, Caitlyn, always tells people when she hears them complain about some health issue, "Take the tonic because it makes you healthy and strong."

Alesha, Florida
I am 13-years-old and I just want to tell anyone who wants to know, the tonic does not taste good, but the results are astonishing. It will change your behavior, you will feel much better and you will not think about getting into fights. You might think you are ugly, but you will look great when you try JC Tonic. I would like to say thank you to my grandmother, Ruthie Neal, for asking me if I wanted to use it and for me saying “yes”. I am from Tampa, but I think everybody in the world should try it.

David, Colorado
I am 12 years old and have been on JC Tonic for three months. I have noticed a great improvement in my health. Since I have been on the tonic, I am able to keep more focused at school, which has improved my grades, and my reading and writing have also improved. My teacher told my parents that they have noticed an improvement in my schoolwork as well. I thank Anthony Carl Jurak for such a great tonic and my parents for insisting I take it every day.
My teacher said that I was better in class and that my reading was better (I have dyslexia and see words and letters backwards). They said I was doing a lot better. This year I got to play on the basketball team and we made it to the championships. I have severe asthma, so I am proud of myself that I made it through the basketball season.

Tierra, Florida
My granddaughter, Tierra, has sickle-cell anemia. She is eleven years old and had a lot of problems. Sickle-cell anemia is a blood disease. The blood cells are not round. This disease causes a lot of pain and infections. When the cells cycle, the blood cannot flow easily through the arteries.
These abnormally sickle-shaped cells are both rigid and sticky. They stick to the walls and cannot squeeze through the capillaries. Blood flow becomes obstructed, depriving tissues and organs of oxygen. In the immediate setting, oxygen deprivation (hypoxia) can cause severe pain (the sickle-cell crisis). Over time, it leads to chronic and progressive destruction in organs and tissues throughout the body.
Tierra suffers from leg cramps, fatigue and dehydration. The red blood cells are low because the white cells override the red cells. Her blood count would go so low that she would pass out. I put her on JC Tonic and now her blood count is normal - after only six months! The pain is gone, no more headaches and her grades are up. She can even participate in P.E.

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