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James, Illinois
Before JC Tonic: Low energy, ringing ears, moody, up and down emotions, little strength, aches, pain in hip and other joints, slow depressed thought processes, weight and girth gain, taking lots of supplements, weak voice, tire easily, naps, too much sleep, “hungers” and addictions.
JC Tonic seems to serve as a silent, competent, knowledgeable, persistent personal trainer for me. Within one month after beginning to use it: junk foods will not stay in my body so I eat much less of them, my waist has decreased 2 inches, my attitude is much more hopeful, positive and even, my mind and mental processes are much clearer, my energy level is considerably higher and more balanced, I drink more water, I walk more, the aches and pains are gone, toxins have left my body, supplement usage is way down and eating good food in modest amounts is regular. JC Tonic is a catalyst for positive changes and healthy thoughts, words, and actions.
As a new sexagenarian (60), I feel the best I have ever felt! A man knows he’s a man when he wakes up in the morning. For several years, I had lost that indicator. Now I again know that I am a healthy man when I wake up every morning, and it feels good to be aware of that!
There are a lot of people who would like to feel better and some who aren’t open to the possibility. People need reasonably priced, guaranteed health and wellness products that they can believe in and trust to work without dangerous side effects, and JC Tonic meets all those criteria perfectly! It is the simplest, easiest, most quickly workable product I have ever known. Many people I’ve offered a sample to have become excited and have a hopeful belief in the return of healthy wellness with the vigor, vitality, and energy that makes life worth living!
My 89-year young mother has relief from shoulder pain and has stopped using pain medication since beginning to use JC Tonic. My wife has much more energy for her work, yard, and home projects since taking JC Tonic. Her back and leg pain have lessened considerably.
We are a much-improved JC Tonic family, and we just keep getting better every day! At a recent 20-year gathering of friends, they all said I was the only one who looked younger now than I did then!

Phil, Colorado
I have been on JC Tonic for about 3 years. My daughter had a serious problem emotionally. My wife gave her a dose of JC Tonic and she noticed immediately after the one dose a change in her demure and her emotional problems. We believed that it saved her life. She was on 4 different medications and now she is taking a fraction of one.
After seeing that, I was so impressed and started taking JC Tonic seriously. I have suffered from allergies for over 50 years and I noticed that when I started taking JC Tonic properly and correctly I wasn't complaining about allergies anymore. I haven't sneezed from those allergies once in over 2 years. I also notice an energy boost.
I hope that we will always have this magnificent product. "He who has health has hope. He who has hope has everything." I truly believe that is the case. Don't think of the tonic as part of your doctor bill, think of it as part of your grocery bill. In today's world, with all the processed foods, stress and worry, we need a proper view of maintaining health. We need JC Tonic to help keep us healthy. I am a believer.

Sandra, California
I wanted to personally say thank you for giving us JC Tonic. It has literally given me the quality of life that I have sorely missed for at least ten years. The tonic has balanced me emotionally, mentally, and even my hormones. It and has made me feel “Like a Million Bucks”. Because I have been feeling so much better, in this whole process of getting balanced, I have had the added bonus of losing 35 pounds in about four months, without really dieting. Emotionally, I feel so much more in control of my life and I simply cut down on what I normally eat.

Susie, Colorado
I am so glad that I was introduced to JC Tonic. My energy level improved right away and my mental energy is grounded. I used to be like a wet noodle, ready to cry at anything. I still have everyday stresses, but I feel in control of them now.

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