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Regina, Arkansas
I have had a general feeling of not feeling good all my life. I am 32-years-old. In the past three years, I have identified the source of these problems; my endocrine glands are low.
I have tried many herbs, vitamins, minerals, and counseling. I have received some results, but when I was introduced to JC Tonic, remarkable things happened in the first day. I could hear! I have had an echo inside my head ever since I can remember. Energy! I can do things and feel like doing them, even simple things like cleaning house. I have been smearing mud on sheetrock for three days, and I am not even stiff or achy. I could go on and on. Thank you for making JC Tonic available.

Jeannie, Colorado
I was one of the ones that felt that this tonic was not working for me, so I complained a lot to my husband, Lenny, about it. Why was it working for him and not working for me? But I continued taking it because I could not deny what I saw in Lenny. Then I started seeing the people that we shared the tonic with and all of the incredible things that were happening to them.
I have been chronically fatigued all my life and seven months went by before I started to notice that I was staying up later, longer, and I was doing more things. Then, I noticed that I was sleeping really good at night and then all of a sudden jumping out of bed really early in the morning, around 5:30. (Lenny hated that.) I would start cleaning and doing things around the house.
I wanted people to know they should stick with the tonic even if it is slow, because it will work. Also, my hair and fingernails started growing thicker and longer and my skin started getting better.

Lenny, Colorado
There was a time that my life did not seem so bright. At the young age of 20, I started to get sick. I tried to hide it and pretend I was okay, but it was very difficult to wake up in the morning and not feel good and have some kind of a problem.
At the age of 23, I was considered to have the body of an 80-year-old man. I became a guinea pig for doctors. I tried many medications, creams, shots, went to physical therapy and skin specialists, trying to figure out what was wrong. I went to all the doctors, specialists, and therapists, and they could not figure out what was wrong or why my body was rapidly deteriorating. They gave up!
Finally, I got to the point where I could not take it anymore. So, we turned to alternative health. At first, I called it, “that health stuff.” I tried natural products, but they did not help much. I did try to take care of my health, but nothing helped until I was introduced to JC Tonic. I began the tonic on April 6, 1999 and when I did, my body went the other way.
First and most important was my improving eyesight. Then my rashes went away, my allergies diminished; I was able to stay in public longer. I had energy to exercise; I began to eat right and added weight. I had no more back problems, no chronic fatigue and my skin improved. The tonic helped me to achieve my health. There is physical change from being sick to being healthy. People can actually see this noticeable change and I am so excited.
You do not know what it means to me being able to see everybody’s face and knowing that I almost hung up on a phone call suggesting that I try JC Tonic. That phone call put an end to 18 years of health problems.

Betty, Colorado
Since I have been on JC Tonic, I have had more energy. I used to have a problem getting out of bed in the morning and when I finally did, I would feel sluggish. Since I have been on the tonic, I get up at 5:00 a.m. with all kinds of energy.

Carl, Colorado
This product really helped my father who means the world to me. After three days of taking JC Tonic, he started to look and feel great, eating more and to work and not get tired fast, like he did before starting the product.

Rhonda, Colorado
This product worked so well on my husband by giving him plenty of energy, that I wanted to be a distributor. Instantly, I noticed how quickly a change had come over him. He was always tired and fatigued and now he has as much energy as the kids.

Linda, Ohio
I have been on JC Tonic for over 3 months. I am 57-years-old and felt like in a few months I wouldn’t be around. A dear friend of mine persistently shared information about JC Tonic with me over the telephone and kept being persistent. Thank God for a friend like her!
I am overweight, have been on blood pressure medicine for over 7 years, and I have a condition where blood breaks open in little specks on your legs. The doctor felt it wasn’t anything to worry about, but I felt something was very wrong.
Now, 3 months later, I am off my medication and have lost over 20 pounds. I feel wonderful and because of my abundance of energy my husband takes JC Tonic faithfully.

Louise, Florida
I would like to say that I am very pleased with the tonic. I just purchased a new business and have been working a lot of long hours. I feel that the tonic has given me the energy to keep going and I am also losing weight; this is wonderful. My husband has noticed the weight loss and the fact that I am feeling better.

Connie, Iowa
For two years, I felt like I was in a dark tunnel, with no energy, and doing housework was a task. When I was introduced to JC Tonic, after the third day, it was as if I had walked out into the sunlight. My energy went sky high. I love JC Tonic! My whole body has taken an exciting change.

Tiffany, Iowa
Since I have started taking JC Tonic, I am not bloated anymore, I drink more water, I have so much more energy to do things and I sleep better.

Jack, Wisconsin
I have been drinking JC Tonic since July 2004. My feet, knees, joints and hands would ache and my feet would be so sore in the morning that I would have a hard time even walking downstairs. I am quite active. I am a weightlifter and a hunter, but this past year my physical activities have decreased tremendously. As a dentist, I began to worry about the problem I was having with my hands. I spoke of the discomfort I was experiencing with a patient of mine, Carolin Hallada.
She told me that she had something that I've got to try. Being in the health profession I was very skeptical about the product and I was thinking to myself, "Yeah right! You're going to have something that's going to work, right?"
At this time I could hardly even walk around the block. My feet and hands would hurt after any physical activity. I then received the information on JC Tonic. Around that time, I was debating on canceling an elk hunt planned for October due to the soreness in my feet. So, I decided to make the purchase and began drinking JC Tonic in July.
By early August I was slowly noticing some changes. I was feeling better! I had a lot more energy, and the pain I experienced after activity or standing during work was not as severe. The pain was diminishing and I'm thinking, "Something's going on here. Is this working or isn't it working? I sure do feel a whole lot better than I did a month ago!" When I went hunting in October, I was climbing 1,000 feet to 5,000 feet while carrying a 50-pound pack on my back, and I had no pain. I told my wife, "I can't believe this! My hands are feeling better, and the pain is going away in my ankles and knees."
To this day, I have been drinking one ounce of JC Tonic on a daily basis. I think that JC Tonic had a lot to do with my progression from not being able to walk around the block to climbing mountains with men who were ten years younger (and I had more energy)! I am very impressed with my increased energy levels and also the fact that I have absolutely no more "exercise" pain in my joints, hands, or feet. Also my wife has been drinking JC Tonic for about three weeks and has already felt a difference. I feel great and I wouldn't go without JC Tonic...it is just unbelievable!

Claude, Florida
I would like to tell you how good JC Tonic has been for me. I am 13-years-old. I used to go to sleep in class, but I do not anymore, because I take the tonic. It gives me more energy to run in P.E. I use to have really bad allergies, but I do not anymore. The tonic has been so good to me. I would like to thank you for all you have done.

Deborah, Florida
I started using Jurak Classic Whole Body Tonic because I was stressed out, fatigued, and aching under the bottom of my feet. My friend and co-worker heard me complaining, and then shared with me JC Tonic. After taking the tonic for a couple of days I began to feel like my old self again. I was full of energy and ready to go exercise on a daily basis. Now my stress level is at an all time low. Thank you JC Tonic.

Patricia, West Virginia
I just wanted to take a moment to tell you of Jurak Classic Whole Body Tonic, me and of my seven-month-old West Highland White Terrier (Westie), Lacey Ann, and why I became a distributor.
I started the tonic in April and started Lacey Ann on it at the same time. Immediately I had such a rush of good feeling that I started laughing and it lasted for about 20 minutes, just laughing and feeling such a sense of well being that it surprised me. I also suffered from hot flashes and since the first drink of JC Tonic, my hot flashes are a thing I do not worry about anymore. I do not feel them or if they do occur, they are so minimal that I do not pay any attention to them.
My husband, Tom, is on the tonic too and it has done wonders for his energy levels. He works extremely hard in the coal mines and had suffered with leg cramps for months, but since being on the tonic, he does not have leg cramps anymore.
Now as for Lacey Ann – I give her JC Tonic every morning when I take mine. She laps it right out of my hand!! She knows when I take mine and I say, “Lacey, it’s time for your tonic”; she is right there to take hers too. She is staying a healthy, happy puppy and will grow into a healthy, happy dog on her tonic. She is a bouncy dog who loves JC Tonic!!

Christina, Colorado
I was fatigued and had leg aches from standing all day, resulting from poor circulation. Since JC Tonic, I have more energy, no more leg and feet aches, clearer skin and I just feel better.

Gloria, Georgia
I want to tell you how much your product has helped me. I am 71-years-old. I work part-time and the rest of my time is filled with Christian activities. As I grow older, I realize that I cannot keep up the pace I’ve had for years. I was introduced to your product and it made a great difference in my vitality and sense of well-being. However, as soon as I felt better I stopped taking JC Tonic. THAT WAS A MISTAKE, because after a while, the extreme tiredness returned.
Recently, I was with some friends and one of them mentioned how much better she felt since she started taking JC Tonic. THAT WAS THE CLINCHER!! I went straight home and resumed taking the tonic.
What can I tell you? I’m feeling like my old self again! Thank you, Anthony and Chester King, for sharing a secret of how to keep going and feeling younger.

Bill, Mississippi
In November 2002, I had an automobile accident and broke my knee, hurt my back and was put on pain pills and steroids. They finally had to do surgery in February 2003. The first day back to work, I picked up a 100 pounds, fell back and broke my left shoulder. After six weeks, I got a blood clot. I was put in intensive care for about seven days and the doctor said that I would never work again. It was a miracle that I lived through it. I did not have one blood clot, but a massive pulmonary embolism. My lungs and heart were damaged. I was told to sell my business and go home and die. I was put on meds for pain, for my heart, for depression, water pills, blood thinners, diabetes meds, which was contributed by the steroids which increased my glucose intolerance levels. I got neuropathy in my feet, legs and arms. I have never experienced this type of excruciating pain, night and day. I developed sleep apnea.
Before JC Tonic, I was $600.00 a month of nutritional supplements, which was barely keeping me alive. A very dear friend in Arkansas asked me to try JC Tonic. I probably would have said no if it wasn't my friend that suggested it. I received my first bottle and started with one ounce in 64 ounces of purified water. I drank it all before bedtime and I slept better that night than I have slept in a long time. The second day I had more energy, and he pain in my legs, feet, hands, and shoulder lessened so much so that I did not take a pain pill and haven't taken one since. That in itself is amazing! The second night I did not wake up but one time. Normally I was waking five or six times every night. My energy went over the moon the second week. I used to get up at 10 a.m. and now I am getting up at 6 a.m. and staying up all day long. I was told to slow down because I needed some of that energy to help heal my body.
JC Tonic has totally changed my life. I actually went back to work two days last week. I went for about four to six hours each day. My doctor told me that I would never work again. I am trying to pace myself because my body had atrophied so much and it can not keep up with my energy level. JC Tonic is awesome - it is life changing!

Garrett, Alabama
I am a relatively young man, 29-years-old, and have always taken excellent care of myself. Well, my friend kept telling me about this great product that was just working wonders for him. I did not really see a big need to jump on the product, so I procrastinated for a while.
Finally, I decided to join the team and try the product. If only I would have done it earlier! I will never regret taking Jurak Classic Whole Body Tonic. I have been on it for about two months now. After the third day, my sinuses began to pop open, what a wonderful feeling and they have been that way ever since. My energy has increased, my skin has improved and my wife keeps telling me that I have lost weight (in all of the right places). All of this in just fewer than two months…WOW! I am 100% satisfied.
Also, I have just about always had redness in my eyes from being a long-time contact wearer. But for about a week, I had been putting a drop of tonic in each eye and now my eyes are white again and clear. It feels great to be on the tonic, because I know that I am improving my health every single day, I cannot wait to see what the tonic does for me next.

Bette, Arkansas
My husband, Paul, and I have been on JC Tonic for about two and a half months now. The first thing we saw happening was my husband walking through the house buttoning his shirt (he had not been able to this for three to four months). We were both surprised. We raise a garden and have several small patches throughout our property. In each patch, there was a sitting place for my husband, because he could only work 15-20 minutes then had to sit down for 30 minutes. This year, he just keeps going and only comes in for a drink, then goes back out again. My, my, it feels good to feel good.
After two and a half months, his blood sugar is finally coming down. It fluctuated from 300-250 for the first two months, but now it is fluctuating between 125-150. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, Praise God, because he had to have given Anthony’s father the knowledge to put the tonic together just like he did. As for me, at first I noticed spurts of energy, and now my back has quit hurting from a 12 foot fall off of a roof resulting in a crushed a lumbar vertebra and fractured one, in November of 1999.
Now that gardening time has come, I have been able to plant tomatoes, stand and bend over comfortably. I also have a thyroid condition and have to get my blood work done once a month, because it is stabilizing.
I am 62 and baby sit for a two-year-old boy all day long. Before the tonic, I took a nap when he did, now I get to do tonic sharing. Also, Paul just returned form a medical check up. The doctor reports that his blood and liver enzymes are clean, clean, clean! What a blessing!

Mark, Iowa
Jurak Classic Whole Body Tonic has made me feel refreshed, more ambitious, cheerful, and full of energy. Also, it helps me sleep much better.

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