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Juanita, Colorado
My sister, Jean, and her husband, Lenny, told me about JC Tonic. I had tried everything everyone else had told me about, but with little results, so I did not want to try the tonic. It was not until Joe, a friend of Len and Jean, talked with my husband.
My husband is not sick, but he needed more energy, so we bought JC Tonic. I thought since the tonic was in the refrigerator, I would try it. I am so happy that my husband brought JC Tonic into my life because now I can get out of bed with little or no pain. I am happy and so is my family, because we all got our lives back. Thank you Anthony for this incredible tonic.
P.S. My husband did get the energy he wanted.

Cassie, Dene
In February of 2002, I started taking JC Tonic. Immediately people noticed how beautiful my skin was. The pain subsided and I felt great. I definitely would recommend JC Tonic. When I miss a dose, the pain returns and my energy level decreases.
One week ago, I fractured my ankle in two places. Because of JC Tonic I have healed better; the swelling and the pain went away faster. I am able to have a balloon cast where I can walk without crutches.
If you have tried everything, you have so much to gain from taking JC Tonic. Isn’t it worth feeling better and being able to enjoy life? Try it…. you will be amazed!

Cathy, Colorado
JC Tonic gives me lots of energy, I sleep better and I am calmer. It makes me feel really good and my skin younger looking.

Faye, Iowa
Since taking JC Tonic, I have more energy, not as much muscle pain and better sleep at night. I'm a professional signer/entertainer and full-time church secretary. More benefits to come! I am so excited to have JC Tonic in my life.

Anthony, Florida
I am 54 years old. I met David and Ruthie Neal a couple of months ago when I was working on their computer at their home. I noticed how good they were looking and they told me about JC Tonic. I decided to try it and I got tremendous results. I had a lack of energy. I got so much energy that I decided to become an Ambassador of Health.
Two days before I became an Ambassador, I was riding my bike in downtown Tampa and I hit a curb and fell off of my bike. I broke my finger and I skinned my leg up. I was in pretty bad shape from the fall. Ruthie told me to rub JC Tonic on my skinned up knee and I did. About 45 minutes later, the whole wound began to seal up. Today my knee is healed and there is no evidence that the wound had ever been there.
One thing I noticed about the tonic is that it does something for my spirit. I sing and I am a musician. Ever morning now I sit at the piano and sing for everybody, even the telephone callers.

Jason, Iowa
I want to tell you about how JC Tonic has helped me to become a more active and healthy person. I was a chronically tired person who was unmotivated and could not get out of bed, without an hour or so of the snooze button. Now, I am up before my alarm and ready to work!

Alex, Florida
I am a diabetic. Since I have been taking JC Tonic, my blood sugar is lower, I am able to work without getting tired, and my social life is exciting again. I am happy my mother, Gladys, gave me JC Tonic.

Gladys, Florida
After a week of drinking JC Tonic, I am more alert and have more energy. I was very tired, but I do not get tired anymore. Also, I do not take any medication.

Corazon, Colorado
Within two days of drinking JC Tonic, I did not fall asleep when reading and did not get angry about things like I used to. Without JC Tonic I could not focus. With JC Tonic I feel calm, patient, have lots of energy. I do not stutter and have less strain concentrating on what to say on the phone. I thank God for everything that led me to JC Tonic because I am now a better person.

Lily, Ohio
Thanks to JC Tonic, I have seen great improvement in my sleep pattern. I now sleep sound and peaceful for longer durations throughout the night. I have a lot more energy and I am now motivated to get up and tackle those household duties that I neglected due to lack of energy. I have always disliked drinking water, but since consuming JC Tonic, water has become more tasteful and satisfying to my body.

Al, Utah
My name is Al Garcia and I am an Herbalist from Utah. I am the founder of a chain of herbal stores throughout the United States called “Herbs for Health” and my headquarters is in Roy, Utah.
I have reviewed, evaluated and recommended many natural health products in my time. I only mention this, so you will realize the value of the comment that I would like to make about JC Tonic. With the increased confusion that has been placed on consumers as to which products are excellent, top quality and potent, versus, “Okay, but I did not seem to feel anything!” to “This was just a plain gimmick product!” I want readers to realize that this is a FABULOUS tonic and will do amazing things for their health.
I have been using JC Tonic for two months and I take many independent herbs. When I travel, it becomes challenging to take everything I do at home, so when I heard about JC Tonic, I decided to see if it would help me keep my clarity, focus and stress levels down, so I can focus on my business, family and the purpose I have in helping people and understanding herbal products.
Well, this tonic exceeded my expectations. It did not taste bad and I could function better. It was not alcoholic tasting, as I have come to expect from tinctures, extracts, elixirs, tonics and homeopathies.
My energy level went for several hours longer, I could fall asleep quicker and was raring to go the next morning. If I had to grab just one product from over one thousand items in my store, due to emergency reasons, I would surely grab a case of JC Tonic.
Stop the confusion! Just try it for yourself. Then go one-step further and give a sample to someone you would love to have feel better.

Diane, Colorado
I used to have sinus problems, but thanks to JC Tonic, I no longer do. My energy level has increased. I am sleeping more regular and I am able to concentrate and have clear thinking.

Mary, Colorado
I have taken the tonic for eight months and it’s given me lots of energy. It has also helped my sinuses, allergies, and to sleep at night.

James, Illinois
Before JC Tonic: Low energy, ringing ears, moody, up and down emotions, little strength, aches, pain in hip and other joints, slow depressed thought processes, weight and girth gain, taking lots of supplements, weak voice, tire easily, naps, too much sleep, “hungers” and addictions.
JC Tonic seems to serve as a silent, competent, knowledgeable, persistent personal trainer for me. Within one month after beginning to use it: junk foods will not stay in my body so I eat much less of them, my waist has decreased 2 inches, my attitude is much more hopeful, positive and even, my mind and mental processes are much clearer, my energy level is considerably higher and more balanced, I drink more water, I walk more, the aches and pains are gone, toxins have left my body, supplement usage is way down and eating good food in modest amounts is regular. JC Tonic is a catalyst for positive changes and healthy thoughts, words, and actions.
As a new sexagenarian (60), I feel the best I have ever felt! A man knows he’s a man when he wakes up in the morning. For several years, I had lost that indicator. Now I again know that I am a healthy man when I wake up every morning, and it feels good to be aware of that!
There are a lot of people who would like to feel better and some who aren’t open to the possibility. People need reasonably priced, guaranteed health and wellness products that they can believe in and trust to work without dangerous side effects, and JC Tonic meets all those criteria perfectly! It is the simplest, easiest, most quickly workable product I have ever known. Many people I’ve offered a sample to have become excited and have a hopeful belief in the return of healthy wellness with the vigor, vitality, and energy that makes life worth living!
My 89-year young mother has relief from shoulder pain and has stopped using pain medication since beginning to use JC Tonic. My wife has much more energy for her work, yard, and home projects since taking JC Tonic. Her back and leg pain have lessened considerably.
We are a much-improved JC Tonic family, and we just keep getting better every day! At a recent 20-year gathering of friends, they all said I was the only one who looked younger now than I did then!

June, Florida
I am just an average person that has been fighting a number of health problems for years. Because of this, I have been searching for natural products that might help to correct many of my health problems, but none of them have ever helped me in so many ways such as JC Tonic. None of them have ever given me the energy that I needed. Just a few months ago, all I wanted to do was sit all day, so when I heard about JC Tonic, I started taking it.
To be perfectly honest, I did not feel any immediate results, however, I did not stop taking the tonic. I stayed with it, because I know how herbs work. The results have been wonderful. Now, I cannot sit still. There is so much I want to do that has been left undone for far too long. I am now able to do a lot more, because I feel physically and mentally capable of doing so and I know it has helped my nervous system greatly. It truly is a Whole Body Tonic!

Carolin, Wisconsin
My husband and I both started on JC Tonic on March 23, 2002. Going through my change of life, I had no energy at all and had mood swings all day long. The tonic gave me constant energy and no more mood swings. It has helped my sleeping problems and my digestive problems. My nervous leg syndrome is gone. No more cravings for sweets and salty junk food. My skin has improved. I’ve been going to an ophthalmologist once a year for over 20 years. I’ve been on the verge of glaucoma. All these years, he has checked the pressure in my eyes and it has been between 22 and 24 (I was close to going on medication). This last November, my pressure was down to 18!!!!!! The doctor was amazed. I crushed the bones on the top of my foot 38 years ago and couldn’t even touch that part of my foot all these years. Why is the pain gone? It’s JC Tonic!!!!
The longer I am on this fantastic product, the more results I am having!! I know I will take JC Tonic for the rest of my life.

Johnetta Harris
My husband, Michael, has changed dramatically. He wakes up early every morning with energy galore. Michael started working out at the gym and comes home from his job with lots of energy and in a good mood! Now he is a true believer that JC Tonic works, because he stopped drinking it for a short time and he noticed the energy was gone and he got lazy at home and at the gym, so I rushed to buy another box of the tonic for him. I am going to start drinking it myself and my daughter, Johnai, wants to try it too.

Phil, Colorado
I have been on JC Tonic for about 3 years. My daughter had a serious problem emotionally. My wife gave her a dose of JC Tonic and she noticed immediately after the one dose a change in her demure and her emotional problems. We believed that it saved her life. She was on 4 different medications and now she is taking a fraction of one.
After seeing that, I was so impressed and started taking JC Tonic seriously. I have suffered from allergies for over 50 years and I noticed that when I started taking JC Tonic properly and correctly I wasn't complaining about allergies anymore. I haven't sneezed from those allergies once in over 2 years. I also notice an energy boost.
I hope that we will always have this magnificent product. "He who has health has hope. He who has hope has everything." I truly believe that is the case. Don't think of the tonic as part of your doctor bill, think of it as part of your grocery bill. In today's world, with all the processed foods, stress and worry, we need a proper view of maintaining health. We need JC Tonic to help keep us healthy. I am a believer.

Joe, Florida
I am currently 72 years old and I recently had the pleasure of meeting Anthony Carl Jurak at Ruthie Neal's home. I listened to him speak about the many great things that JC Tonic can do for your body. I purchased JC Tonic that same evening. I had been constantly short of breath and got tired very easily. I have been drinking JC Tonic since that night and I have noticed my energy levels increase and I can walk without getting tired. I no longer need to use my inhaler as I am breathing on my own and I am able to mow my yard with no problem. I feel good and look good! Everyone has noticed the dramatic difference in my health. Thanks to Anthony Carl Jurak for caring so much for others.

Edna, Colorado
I am 86 and have more energy. Also, my sister has had such good results. She has not taken a sleeping pill for four weeks. Her back was rough and the tonic left her with a smooth back, like a babies bottom. Also, her strength is coming back.

Dennis, Colorado
I just want to share my experience on using JC Tonic. For several years I have suffered with pain in my hands and knees. Last year it was getting so painful that when I would sit down for any length of time and then get up, the pain in my knees would be so bad that I would actually have to just stand there for a few minutes before I could walk. Then all of that changed.
A fellow worker of mine, Ken Glenn, shared with me these tonic herbs that he had been taking. He told me of the benefits that he and his family were getting, so I figured that I had nothing lose. I purchased my first box from him and to my amazement the pain in my hands and knees began to subside within three or four days. Shortly after that I was experiencing no pain at all. I have been on the product now for about five months. Not only do I see and feel a big difference in my health, but my co-workers also can see the change. I sleep much better at night and wake up with more energy than ever before.
I definitely recommend JC Tonic for everyone. If it could help me with my problems, I am confident that others will benefit just as well. All of this happened at the best of time also. I retired from Coors Brewing Company after 30 years of service. Now I can really look forward to my retirement because of the better health that I have.

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