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Mary, Parham
I am 51 years old and I have been on JC Tonic for six months. I had been very, very sick. I kept going to the doctors but they could not figure out what was going on. They ignored my gall bladder and gall stones entered into my pancreas. That caused me to lose 65% of my pancreas and they had to remove my spleen. Five months later, I thought I was dying. I had emergency surgery to remove my gall bladder. After the surgery they found that I was diabetic. I was so sick that when I was introduced to JC Tonic, I thought it couldn't hurt to try it.
Prior to JC Tonic, I could not even get up out of bed. I would lie in bed fifteen to twenty minutes trying to get enough energy to turn over. I was so sick I told my husband that I didn't think I was going to make it. After three days of taking the tonic, I just popped up in bed. I felt this wonderful feeling come over me. I got up, I took a bath, I walked around the house...I just couldn't believe it.
I started taking a monodose in the morning and one in the evening. Because I wanted to feel better quicker, I started taking about four a day. At my last doctors appointment, they were surprised how fast I was up and going as they had told me it would take about three years and it has not even been two years since my surgery. Also, people think I look 30 years old - all because of JC Tonic.

Betty, North Dakota
It is funny how life’s unexpected experiences sometimes shape a person’s destiny. Life has been an exciting adventure each day since I received knowledge of Jurak Classic Whole Body Tonic. I honestly feel I now have very good health. I do not get sick. I am a Registered Nurse, working on a critical care unit with multi-system failure patients. I work long hours, many times double shifts. I do not even get a cold or flu-like symptoms. I have boundless energy, and again, with all stress of nursing, I do not get sick!!
JC Tonic has increased resistance to infectious disease by enhancing my immune system. In the last few weeks, almost half of our staff has had the flu or pneumonia. My boss mentioned that she can always count on me, as I do not get sick. I have not even had a stuffy nose.
Other benefits I have personally seen are keen mental alertness, more normal metabolic energy, and improved eyesight. When my husband and I had our eyes tested last month, we were told we were wearing glasses that had been over corrected; they were too strong for our eyes! The ophthalmologist told me that was why we were noticing a difficulty in seeing. We were given lenses that had considerably less correction and now we see better. The difficulty in seeing with the old glasses came about, after two months of taking JC Tonic.
As we serve one other, with caring, and spreading the information about the many people who have seen improved health, we are planting seeds of hope. By calling a friend, or sharing with the sickest person you meet, JC Tonic is introduced to a world that desperately needs wellness and balance.

Fred, Colorado
I have been using JC Tonic for a while and I am noticing more energy, more mental alertness and I sleep better at night. I appreciate this product, because I have had a problem of feeling tired during the day. This really seems to solve the problem, so I can work a full day and get a lot done.

Gerri Rawlins
I was having a lot of problems and was told that I had sinus infections and was put on Zantac and Allegra, and all kinds of other stuff, but it was not working. I started drinking JC Tonic and I do not have any more allergy problems and I do not have to take allergy pills anymore. I work around cottonwood and I am allergic to it. Now, I can actually be outside and enjoy it. I also had stomach problems and I was using Maalox and all that stuff, but I am not using them anymore. Also, I have energy now, I can sleep at night and my daughter is about to be two, so I need all of the energy that I can get. It is working for me.

Sophia, Colorado
When I talked to a friend about JC Tonic, he was sure he did not need anything like that. However, he took a box home and then called to tell me he has a lot more energy. He said that it is the best stuff he has ever tried and will continue using it.
I have a niece who owns a small restaurant and she works long hours, so she gets tired. I gave her two monodoses of the tonic and she noticed how it gave her energy and she can sleep all night.

Loretta, Colorado
I am 47-years-old and was falling apart. I have been taking JC Tonic for five months and I cannot believe how good I feel. The natural herbs have helped with my problems, so I no longer have hot flashes and anxiety attacks. We have always been health conscience, but nothing has ever made us feel so good. My husband, Robert, and I have never been so happy and healthy. Our energy levels have never been as high as they are now and we fall asleep faster and sleep much better. I have noticed a great improvement in my husband’s attitude and his health. He is also seeing some hair starting to re-grow on his beautiful forehead. Thanks for everything Anthony and Roger.

Barbara, Florida
I started JC Tonic and the first thing that I experienced was a blast of energy and then clarity of my skin. I am so happy that I have been introduced to this product and I want to share it with others.

Thomas, Florida
Since I have started taking JC Tonic, I do not feel tired and run down like I used to and I can come home from work and rest better. The swelling in my feet and ankles have gone down and my body has a lot more energy.

Hillary, California
Since the age of 15, I have had feeling of tiredness and lethargy. In other words, I never had enough energy or desire to do anything. At one point, I would sleep up to 12 hours a day and still not feel well rested and I would struggle through everyday tasks, like cleaning my home and so on.
Since being on the tonic, my life has greatly improved. I am getting more things done and my work quality has improved. My home is more organized then it has ever been. Now, I only need to sleep about eight hours or so a day and when I wake up, I feel refreshed and ready to face the day. I honestly believe that as long as the tonic is available to me, I will continue to take it and keep my quality of life where it is at now.

Laura, Arkansas
The tonic has led me to have strength in my legs, which would hurt at night causing me to lose sleep. JC Tonic has relaxed my muscles and has given me the strength to build up my legs, my muscles, my arms and it helps my blood to flow better. Also, it has helped my hair thicken up and I sleep better at night. My sight is clearing and it has just been a blessing. I take thyroid medication, but JC Tonic sure has helped it a lot, along with my blood pressure.
My husband, Eddie, had poor circulation. JC Tonic has strengthened his legs and muscles quite well, and has pulled down a lot of swelling out of our legs and feet. Also, the tonic does not keep us up at night, so we sleep and rest better. It has just done many great things.
JC Tonic has been a blessing. My daughter is taking it also and she is 33. I have two grandsons, nine and twelve, and they take it. We have nine in all and are all taking it. They love it! We are thankful for having a product like JC Tonic and we thank Phil Harris for introducing it to us.

Clarence, Colorado
I have been taking JC Tonic for only two months now, and I have seen remarkable changes in my body. I have started jogging around a park near our house and I am more alert. I sleep better and enjoy life much more now that I feel better. I am so glad I have finally found something that makes me feel great. I am grateful for what the tonic has done for me. I am looking forward to life now, whereas before I was looking toward a life in a nursing home. Thank you Anthony and Robert Rusciano for caring and introducing my family and I to this great herbal tonic.

Susan, Tennessee
I have a Masters Degree in Health and Physical Education and have been selling innovative products to doctors and individuals for 15 years. As soon as I drank my first monodose of JC Tonic, the glands in my throat, which were swollen, shrank. I had a little cyst on the back of my right leg and now, a week later, it is gone. I put the tonic on a red bump and watched it turn white. I dream a lot more, sleep sounder, and have more energy after taking the tonic. JC Tonic is a product I will stay on for the rest of my life.

Molly, Texas
I am 77 years old and have been on JC Tonic a little over a year now. Before the tonic, I was going through many problems, not sleeping, no energy, and it seemed like I was rundown and tired all the time. I take care of my husband who has many problems and can do little for himself. I also shop and take care of the many needs of my 94 years old neighbor . My body was just rundown. I just could not make it from one day to the next. I went to bed tired and woke up tired. Now that I take JC Tonic, I sleep good, my appetite is better and my energy level is up. I can deal with myself and other people better. I intend to take JC Tonic for the rest of my life.

Janice, Canada
My father introduced me to herbal supplements in 1988. I suffer from mild anxiety attacks and bouts of depression. In 1996, because I felt healthy and was also broke, I stopped taking the herbal supplement. I stayed relatively healthy for about eighteen months.
I had been told that when you turn 40 years old your body starts to fall apart. Skeptical, I laughed. In June of 2000, at 43, both of my knees became sore and swollen - it hurt to walk and stand; kneeling or squatting was impossible. It felt like someone was shoving knives into my knees when I put the slightest pressure on them. Life was no longer fun. I asked my father for some of the herbal supplement I used to take. He referred me to a better product - Jurak Classic Whole Body Tonic.
By the time started taking JC Tonic my list of ailments also included a nagging, persistent cough. I was a classic case of an immune system in trouble. What would go wrong next? One month later most of the pain in my knees was gone and the swelling reduced. Three months later I suddenly realized I was squatting - all of the swelling and pain was gone!
I began taking JC Tonic because of the pain in my knees, but then I began to notice other improvements as well. I had more energy. I was no longer taking a nap during my lunch hour, or crashing on the couch after work. Instead I was cleaning house (the very last thing on my to do list), volunteering for kitchen duty at the skating rink, and generally enjoying life again. The dark circles under my eyes disappeared; I no longer craved chocolate (I still enjoy chocolate but I no longer prowl the house looking for it); I sleep better; I make fewer trips to the bathroom at night; and I no longer suffer with constipation. Eventually, even my hairdresser commented that my hair was softer and more manageable.
I had another major boost in energy and started doing things that I had been putting off for 12 years. And yet life continued to get better. I wasn't suffering anxiety attacks any more. Even more unexpected (and welcome), my mild depression was staying away.
Now I am handling stress better; my skin is softer; my body is toning up; my blood pressure is stable; and I haven't had a cold or flu in 1½ years. Life is good again!
Many of the changes that I have experienced are small, little things, and taken separately are not very note worthy. But add them all together and it shows that my immune system is improving and my body is starting to heal itself. It would be so interesting if one could see what was going on inside our bodies - we would probably be a lot kinder to ourselves if we could.
I might have begun taking JC Tonic because of my knees, but there have been so many other improvements in my health. My body doesn't lie to me - JC Tonic works. Find out for yourself.

Stella, Arizona
I am 72 years old and have been taking JC Tonic for about 9 months. I am getting relief with my sinuses, less drainage and I don't cough as much. I have a back problem and my husband has been rubbing the tonic on my back in the morning. It is not a pain, but more like an ache and it seems to be going away - it used to be constant. Before I go to bed I rub tonic on my knee and on my ankle where I have problems. I am flossing my teeth with the tonic (I dip the floss into the tonic). I have moles on my back and my husband is rubbing the tonic on them and they are going away. I also have more energy and I am sleeping better.

Toni, Colorado
For myself, I have noticed energy the instant I take JC Tonic. I have had problems sleeping and now I sleep a very sound sleep, wake up refreshed and willing to get up and go. Also, I have the ability to complete what I start and I look forward to drinking it everyday.
I am giving the tonic to my son, who has a stutter problem and learning disability. I have noticed he is expressing himself more and a lot clearer, with little stuttering, and his lack of concentration has improved drastically to the point where he is eager to keep learning and reading, which for his disabilities he would shy away from, and now, at times, he falls asleep with his books piled beside him.
Also, I take care of my grandparents and have seen a drastic change in my grandmother, because she is still taking it. She has a lot more energy, sleeping a sound sleep, remembering a lot more, and able to function and walk a lot better than before. She used to be slouched over and now she walks with her head up.

Dan, Iowa
Since I have been on the tonic, it has helped me with my sinus problems and my sleeping pattern. It has also given me energy.

Ruth, Wisconsin
I have been an Ambassador with the company for approximately a year now, and I cannot begin to express my thanks to Anthony Carl Jurak and his father for the good results I have had with the product. I have three of my children, who are either taking it, or on the brink of becoming a distributor. I have eight people on my first level, and I hope to be getting more under them in the next month. I have two of the people that I met in Rome this last summer that are now on the product, as of this past weekend. It is spreading fast.
These people noticed the energy I had for the walk around the hills of Rome, as the oldest woman on the trip, as I celebrated my 83rd birthday with them the night before we flew back to the USA. I have so many people tell me I am a walking ad for whatever I am taking. That is a real door opener for me to tell them about JC Tonic. Thank You.

Eleanor & Burdette, Wisconsin
I, Burdette, am experiencing more energy, less pain and better sleep. My hair is starting to turn darker and grow faster and thicker. I will take JC Tonic as long as possible and continue to tell others and fulfill my mission to "Give The People of The World What They Need Before They Know They Need It". My wife, Eleanor, has more of a smile, laughs more and is more cheerful when talking on the phone with others.
I, Eleanor, feel alert in the mornings, ready to work and need only 6 hours of sleep. My lungs have cleared up so I’m not suffering from so much phlegm. I can sing better without coughing. I believe the tonic has made me more flexible. Burdette is calmer and not so uptight about things.
We are thankful to God there is a man like Anthony Carl Jurak, who decided to make a company and share his product with others.

Edna, Indiana
JC Tonic has really helped my family. My husband, Joe, is taking it to help his allergy symptoms and for energy and also to stay healthy. I am taking it for more energy and to cleanse my body and to keep healthy. We give it to our children when they have colds and coughs. Our son had a skin rash on his arm and JC Tonic helped it. Thanks to JC Tonic no other medication was needed.

Kris, Iowa
JC Tonic has given me a lot more energy with less sleep and has helped my monthly cycle.

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