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Jean, Colorado
When I first took the tonic, I got very sleepy. I thought, “Wait a minute. I am supposed to be getting energy,” but I kept taking it, because my husband, Lenny, was so full of energy. I was over-whelmed with sleepiness for about a week, so I took the tonic at night. When the sleepiness went away, I did not seem to feel anything great, but I took it anyway and complained to Lenny that it was not doing anything for me.
About five months went by and then I realized that for two years, I had not been able to sleep at night and this might be why I was so sleepy at first. Now, I sleep all night and wake up early with no problem.
I have had chronic fatigue all my life. I noticed I was going for a longer period without tiring out. My hair is thicker, my nails have grown stronger and longer, and my heart does not flutter at night. I feel stronger and I have a good feeling of well-being.
I am so grateful for Anthony and Roger and for all the hard work they put into getting JC Tonic out to the people and we will do our best to do the same.

Lenny, Colorado
There was a time that my life did not seem so bright. At the young age of 20, I started to get sick. I tried to hide it and pretend I was okay, but it was very difficult to wake up in the morning and not feel good and have some kind of a problem.
At the age of 23, I was considered to have the body of an 80-year-old man. I became a guinea pig for doctors. I tried many medications, creams, shots, went to physical therapy and skin specialists, trying to figure out what was wrong. I went to all the doctors, specialists, and therapists, and they could not figure out what was wrong or why my body was rapidly deteriorating. They gave up!
Finally, I got to the point where I could not take it anymore. So, we turned to alternative health. At first, I called it, “that health stuff.” I tried natural products, but they did not help much. I did try to take care of my health, but nothing helped until I was introduced to JC Tonic. I began the tonic on April 6, 1999 and when I did, my body went the other way.
First and most important was my improving eyesight. Then my rashes went away, my allergies diminished; I was able to stay in public longer. I had energy to exercise; I began to eat right and added weight. I had no more back problems, no chronic fatigue and my skin improved. The tonic helped me to achieve my health. There is physical change from being sick to being healthy. People can actually see this noticeable change and I am so excited.
You do not know what it means to me being able to see everybody’s face and knowing that I almost hung up on a phone call suggesting that I try JC Tonic. That phone call put an end to 18 years of health problems.

Velicia, Wyoming
Since I have been taking JC Tonic, my bones don't hurt as much and I have more mobility and energy. Before, I didn't absorb calcium, my thyroid was not good and I was fatigued a lot. Since I have been on JC Tonic, I am able to bile ride with my two teenagers and dance and walk longer than before. My spine feels tremendously better. After three months of not seeing him, my chiropractor says he has never seen me adjust right the first time around. I used to see him weekly! What a savings!
Now, I no longer need Prevacid at all. JC Tonic keeps the acidity normal. WOW! This is great! Don't ever stop making JC Tonic. The world needs this balancing tonic forever.

Judith, Wisconsin
I have been physically challenged for 15 years with chronic lower back pain, headaches, sleeplessness, and chronic fatigue, just to name a few. I have been under chiropractic care for the past nine years, having to have adjustments three to five times a week. For the past two years, I have had to use a cane to aid in my walking and my walking was very limited as to how far and how fast. I was a mess. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired!!
I started to take JC Tonic and within 6 weeks I felt like a changed person, physically and emotionally. I praise God for that, and thank him for giving the formula to Anthony's father. Two hours after I took my first mono-dose of JC Tonic, I was able to walk down the block and back without too much difficulty. That night I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow and slept through the night, waking early in the morning rested, renewed, alert and with more energy than I have had in a very long time. I have no need or desire for daytime naps anymore. By the end of seven days, I was walking 10 blocks in a 20-minute period, twice, and some days three times, WITHOUT A CANE!!!
When I went to the chiropractor, one week after taking JC Tonic, he could not believe the difference in me. I could get out of the chair quickly, without difficulty and I walked lively, without the use of a cane and I climbed the stairs like a teenager. I even adjusted easier! Now I only have to go to him once every two weeks!
Since being on the tonic, I do not have headaches, which for years were a daily thing for me, no more sleeplessness, I have a lot more energy, I am more alert, my intense pain is gone, and my tiredness is gone. My blood sugars are under control, for the first time in 20 years, and I seem to notice new things happening each day. Happy and healthy I am becoming. For the first time in my life, when I look in the mirror, I like that person looking back at me. I have struggled with a poor self-image all my life, but now when I walk down the street or hallway and meet someone, I look them in the eye, smile and greet them, instead of hanging my head and looking at my shoes until they pass by me.
It is great to feel well and happy again. It has been a very long time in coming. Anthony, thank you for continuing the work your father began years ago. I am happy and excited to be on your team, sharing with others on how they too can be healthier and happier. God bless you!

Letter from Michael E. LaCourt, D.C. re: Judith Miller
Dear Sirs:
We write this letter concerning the apparent improved health condition of Judy Miller, our longstanding patient of years. We write this with her permission.
Judy upon entering our office presented with severe spinal distress. She was unable to walk well and needed the use of a cane as crutch. She also tolerated countless sleepless nights. We made comprehensive examinations and x-ray studies. Judy has endured muscle spasms as a protective mechanism. At times she was unable to come to our office.
Our treatment has been conservative in nature consisting primarily of specific corrective chiropractic spinal adjustments. We have met with some amount of moderate success, but Judy was still advised to maintain regular adjustments at a frequency of no less than once per week and often twice per week. She simply did not "hold" her adjustments well. She has also been unusually prone to aggravations and exacerbations from events that would not normally be harmful to someone like her, with a similar condition.
We have been aware that recently Judy has been making more remarkable progress than before and has needed fewer and fewer adjustments. At first we thought she had found an exercise regimen or changed her diet or had "behaved" with her activities. When we inquired of Judy what she had been doing she had informed us of the use and taking of your product as being the only change she had made.
Since we have working with Judy (spanning many years) we have never seen her in such a state of comfort for such a long period of time. She no longer relies on a cane as crutch. We also noticed that her chiropractic adjustments are "holding" much longer than before.
Judy no longer complains and she has her wonderful smile back on her face. We seldom note muscle spasms and we have found that her schedule of treatment with this office has been, necessarily, reduced. Her last adjustment was a month ago.
One can speculate through education and observe through symptomotology the far-reaching effects of a healthy nervous system. Since our bodies rely on our nervous system for coordination of all functions, a healthy nervous tissue is essential to every tissue cell and thus to the integrity of all body processes. Judy reports sleeping well at night. Her ability to be increasingly active is a huge stride in the healing arena. She is not home bound as was often the case in her history and driving is reportedly no longer a fear to her.
We have noticed a change of attitude with Judy. She always did maintain hope and faith; she now does so with an inspiring spring. The product she has been using has evidently and obviously helped her in many facets of her life. Judy has ignited this office into further interest of this product. If it an do all these wonderful things for her, then we are quite interested in what it may do for other patients as well. Judy has apparently found, after countless searches, the right product for her.

Ruth, Arkansas
For over one year, I have had a severe pain in my right heel. I was placed on two expensive prescription drugs, an ice pack to put on my heel four times a day for the pain, and I had to have an elevated heel put on my shoe, because of the tension on the tendon. I could not walk flat. Two cortisone shots were injected into my heel and I tried several different herbs, with limited results. The bone doctor told me I had to cut out back of my shoe and this helped a great deal.
Since starting JC Tonic about four months ago, the pain in my heel has gradually diminished. Now I am able to wear a regular SAS shoe and I am able to place the back of my heel on the mattress without discomfort. Prior to this, I had to have my foot elevated or hanging off the mattress. In just four months, my heel is almost perfect.
My chronic fatigue level, which has been severe, seems to be better too. I cannot wait to see how all of this will be in a few more months. Praise the Lord, JCWW, Anthony Jurak and Roger Theriault.

Gary, Colorado
I attended my first Jurak meeting in January, after only taking JC Tonic for a month. My friend who introduced the product to me, had experienced new energy and new strength in worn out legs, but I was still skeptical. You see, I was in the middle of feeling extreme fatigue; how could this supposedly ‘good stuff’ make me feel so horrible?
I have learned not to give up on going through the times of struggle to get where I need to be in health or anything else in life, so I have now been on JC Tonic for five months. I am seeing progress; my fatigue problems are showing up less and less each month. It has helped heal my foot I had injured in an accident; a torn tendon and a fractured bone. My digestive system, which has never worked right, works nearly perfect. My immune system, which has suffered greatly because of digestive problems and antibiotics, are on the mend. This winter I had one cold, which hardly took hold and lasted only two days! One of the greatest surprises is that new hair is beginning to appear on the top of my head.
I cannot wait to see the condition of my body in one year! JC Tonic really is a whole body tonic!

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