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Jean, Colorado
When I first took the tonic, I got very sleepy. I thought, “Wait a minute. I am supposed to be getting energy,” but I kept taking it, because my husband, Lenny, was so full of energy. I was over-whelmed with sleepiness for about a week, so I took the tonic at night. When the sleepiness went away, I did not seem to feel anything great, but I took it anyway and complained to Lenny that it was not doing anything for me.
About five months went by and then I started realizing that for two years, I was not able to sleep at night and this might be why I was so sleepy at first. Now, I sleep all night and wake up early with no problem. I have had chronic fatigue all my life and my energy level was so natural, that I did not notice I was going for a longer period without tiring out.
My hair is thicker, my nails have grown stronger and longer, my heart does not flutter at night, I feel stronger and I have a good feeling of well-being. I am so grateful for Anthony and Roger and for all the hard work they put into getting JC Tonic out to the people and we will do our best to do the same.

Debra, Wisconsin
When I received a phone call from my good friend, Ruth Warner, in Arkansas and she told me Anthony Carl Jurak started a new company with one of his father’s formulations, I knew I had to check it out. I started using JC Tonic in March of 2000 and since then, my hot flashes have gone away, my night vision has improved, I am sleeping and eating better, my mental clarity is better and my nails are long and strong again.

Cathy, South Dakota
I am writing to let you know how JC Tonic has improved my health and reduced my pain. I can get right out of bed and walk upright immediately and I expect my hands to improve. My fingernails would never grow before, because they were soft, wore down or broke, but now they have to be filed.

Maria, Florida
I am 45-years old and have had a lot of health problems, due to the stressful jobs that I have had in the past. Now that I have been introduced to JC Tonic, I am watching the changes in my body. My hair and fingernails are growing, my weight is decreasing, and I am just amazed at the positive changes! Also, I have put my children on the product and good things are happening to them.

Linda, Wisconsin
I have used several health products for years and I have found a few good products and a wonderful chiropractor, but after two weeks on JC Tonic, I felt so much better. After six weeks on the tonic, all of the skin pegs on my neck disappeared, the fungus under my toenails disappeared and my skin feels as young and smooth as it did fifteen years ago. My muscles are lifting everywhere, the veins in my legs have greatly improved and my liver spots are disappearing. I feel just like I did in my twenties. I am 51 years old and feel wonderful. Thank you Debra, Anthony, Roger and Anthony's father for making this possible. I will forever be grateful. Thank you.

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