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Bondie, Florida
I am 68 years young! Approximately fifteen years ago I was hospitalized due to my medical condition. I was in need of a blood transfusion. Unknowingly, the blood was later found to be tainted. Because of this, I became HIV positive.
I was later introduced to JC Tonic and have been taking it faithfully for the past eight months. Soon my whole world began to change before my very eyes. Everything begin to look clearly again and I felt so alive! I'm proud to say that based on recent reports from my doctor, my general condition has improved. I'm very happy and have lots of energy. I love to share my story with others because of how much JC Tonic has helped me.

Helen, Canada
I now have been taking JC Tonic for 14 months, and my health has done a remarkable flip. I used to be sick all the time; I was constantly fighting colds, back pain, etc. My life was a living hell. It was a terrible struggle for me to do the things that I enjoyed; such as gardening, mowing the lawn, canning, and house work; it was even difficult for me to do any sewing, my hands were so painful; it was hard to walk, as I had varicose veins.
Most of these problems are now just memories, as I am feeling wonderful. I now have more energy than I had as a teenager; my health overall is fabulous. I don’t even get the sniffles any more. It is great to be alive again.

Betty, North Dakota
It is funny how life’s unexpected experiences sometimes shape a person’s destiny. Life has been an exciting adventure each day since I received knowledge of Jurak Classic Whole Body Tonic. I honestly feel I now have very good health. I do not get sick. I am a Registered Nurse, working on a critical care unit with multi-system failure patients. I work long hours, many times double shifts. I do not even get a cold or flu-like symptoms. I have boundless energy, and again, with all stress of nursing, I do not get sick!!
JC Tonic has increased resistance to infectious disease by enhancing my immune system. In the last few weeks, almost half of our staff has had the flu or pneumonia. My boss mentioned that she can always count on me, as I do not get sick. I have not even had a stuffy nose.
Other benefits I have personally seen are keen mental alertness, more normal metabolic energy, and improved eyesight. When my husband and I had our eyes tested last month, we were told we were wearing glasses that had been over corrected; they were too strong for our eyes! The ophthalmologist told me that was why we were noticing a difficulty in seeing. We were given lenses that had considerably less correction and now we see better. The difficulty in seeing with the old glasses came about, after two months of taking JC Tonic.
As we serve one other, with caring, and spreading the information about the many people who have seen improved health, we are planting seeds of hope. By calling a friend, or sharing with the sickest person you meet, JC Tonic is introduced to a world that desperately needs wellness and balance.

Terri Schmude
I have been using the tonic for about four months now. My body aches are gone, my cholesterol levels are way down close to normal, and my mouth sores healed over night. I am very pleased with the tonic. To feel good is a great feeling. Thank you for this product.

Cindy & Zjoinea, Florida
I have been suffering with headaches since 1998, due to birth control pills I take for my bad cramps. My daughter suffers tremendously from upper respiratory problems all year long. Being a single mother with a sick daughter and no energy, I had to make a good judgment and get on JC Tonic. I have been taking the tonic since November 2000 and so has my two-year-old daughter. We can breathe better, our systems are working better and we have more energy for the lifestyle we live. I make fewer visits to the doctor and we only get sick when we run out of tonic. Do not run out of JC Tonic and let it run your system to make you and your body happy.

Cindy, New York
I am a 43-year-old woman. I was born with Cerebral Palsy. As far back as I can remember I was in pain due to muscle spasms, four messed up disks in my back, bone spurs on my spine, scoliosis, a deteriorating hip socket and arthritis throughout my body. The arthritis in my neck is so bad it was comparable to a 70-year-old person. I've had calluses on my feet since childhood. I've always had sinus problems. Then I found out I had chronic recurring depression.
Larry, my husband, is 46 years old. He was born with one foot, one ankle and no toes, and only three fingers. He also lost his spleen due to a motorcycle accident he was in. He has had to worry about getting pressure cysts and red irritated patches of skin on his legs due to the prosthesis he must use to walk. Having lost his spleen, he would suffer with colds, sinus problems and flu continuously through out the winter months, despite the fact he got a flu shot each year. The skin on his hands was very dry and calloused from working so much. My husband and I both work full time despite our physical challenges. It hasn’t been easy.
I was visiting our good friend, Birdie Crandall. She had talked to Carson Mansfield about trying JC Tonic. She said it was better than anything we’d ever tried. I took some on the spot. Well, let me tell you, in about ten minutes my arms began to tingle. The cyst in my wrist stopped hurting. About twenty minutes later, on my way home, my sinuses opened up. That night when I went to bed my feet began to tingle. I slept six hours or so without being awakened by muscle spasms or pain from my arthritis. My back pain eased up. In the morning I felt great. I got out of bed so fast I had to look back and see if it was really me that got up. Two and a half months later, I cut the medication I was taking in half. About three and a half months later, I stopped taking all my medication. I have had calluses since childhood that would get so bad they would crack and bleed. I started soaking my feet in JC Tonic and water. Now they are clearing up. My calluses are almost gone. I went to my doctor for a check up last week and my sugar level is perfect at 90 and my blood pressure is 120 over 80 also perfect. Just over our months now. Most of the pain I had lived with for years is gone. I’m living life to the fullest and loving it.
Larry hasn’t gotten sick at all this winter. He didn’t get a flu shot this year. His sinuses cleared up. He didn’t even get a cold or the flu. His pressure cysts and the irritated skin disappeared and haven’t come back.

Janice, Canada
My father introduced me to herbal supplements in 1988. I suffer from mild anxiety attacks and bouts of depression. In 1996, because I felt healthy and was also broke, I stopped taking the herbal supplement. I stayed relatively healthy for about eighteen months.
I had been told that when you turn 40 years old your body starts to fall apart. Skeptical, I laughed. In June of 2000, at 43, both of my knees became sore and swollen - it hurt to walk and stand; kneeling or squatting was impossible. It felt like someone was shoving knives into my knees when I put the slightest pressure on them. Life was no longer fun. I asked my father for some of the herbal supplement I used to take. He referred me to a better product - Jurak Classic Whole Body Tonic.
By the time started taking JC Tonic my list of ailments also included a nagging, persistent cough. I was a classic case of an immune system in trouble. What would go wrong next? One month later most of the pain in my knees was gone and the swelling reduced. Three months later I suddenly realized I was squatting - all of the swelling and pain was gone!
I began taking JC Tonic because of the pain in my knees, but then I began to notice other improvements as well. I had more energy. I was no longer taking a nap during my lunch hour, or crashing on the couch after work. Instead I was cleaning house (the very last thing on my to do list), volunteering for kitchen duty at the skating rink, and generally enjoying life again. The dark circles under my eyes disappeared; I no longer craved chocolate (I still enjoy chocolate but I no longer prowl the house looking for it); I sleep better; I make fewer trips to the bathroom at night; and I no longer suffer with constipation. Eventually, even my hairdresser commented that my hair was softer and more manageable.
I had another major boost in energy and started doing things that I had been putting off for 12 years. And yet life continued to get better. I wasn't suffering anxiety attacks any more. Even more unexpected (and welcome), my mild depression was staying away.
Now I am handling stress better; my skin is softer; my body is toning up; my blood pressure is stable; and I haven't had a cold or flu in 1½ years. Life is good again!
Many of the changes that I have experienced are small, little things, and taken separately are not very note worthy. But add them all together and it shows that my immune system is improving and my body is starting to heal itself. It would be so interesting if one could see what was going on inside our bodies - we would probably be a lot kinder to ourselves if we could.
I might have begun taking JC Tonic because of my knees, but there have been so many other improvements in my health. My body doesn't lie to me - JC Tonic works. Find out for yourself.

Gary, Colorado
I attended my first Jurak meeting in January, after only taking JC Tonic for a month. My friend who, introduced the product to me, had experienced new energy and new strength in worn out legs, but I was still skeptical. I have learned not to give up on going thru the times of struggle to get where I need to be in health or anything else in life, so I have now been on the tonic for five months.
I am seeing progress and my fatigue problems are showing up less and less each month. It has helped my foot heal from a foot accident, which tore a tendon and fractured a bone. My digestive system, which has never worked right, works nearly perfect. My immune system, which has suffered greatly because of digestive problems and too many antibiotics, is on the mend. This winter I had one cold, which hardly took hold and lasted only two days! One of the greatest surprises is that new hair is beginning to appear on the top of my head. I cannot wait to see the condition of my body in one year! JC Tonic really is a whole body tonic!

Hazel, Florida
JC Tonic is doing so many things for me. The swelling in my stomach has gone down considerably. Every year I have had to go to the doctor for flu, colds, sinus, and allergies, but since I have been on JC Tonic, I haven’t had to go to the doctor. I am very pleased with how my health is improving. It is so exciting to wake up feeling good.

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