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Helen, Canada
Being a lighthouse keeper’s daughter, I was exposed to constant toxins. We lived in a concrete house with the engine room attached to the house, so us kids breathed diesel fumes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I was always sick with colds, as well as bronchitis. From then on, my life was a living hell with one disease after another.
On December 10, 2000, I was introduced to JC Tonic. After taking ½ ounce a day for four weeks, my varicose veins disappeared, and I passed a kidney stone. I went through three weeks of body cleansing with my lungs, and after taking JC Tonic for nine months, I was able to quit taking the three puffers four times a day. I do not take any drugs at all now. It is wonderful to feel so healthy now, and to not have to take medications anymore. I no longer have any joint pain, and I downgraded my glasses last September. The bowel cleansing only lasts a couple of hours now. It is getting less each time. I will be 60 years old on June 30, 2002, and this is the first year of my life that I can truly say I feel wonderful
My heartfelt thanks go to Anthony Carl Jurak for bringing back his dad’s tonic. It has made life worth living now. I will spend the rest of my life telling people what JC Tonic has done for me.

Darlean, North Dakota
I started taking JC Tonic in August of 1999. Before I started taking the tonic, I was overweight and used a wheelchair. I had legs that hurt and kidneys that did not work very well. Since I have been using JC Tonic, my kidneys are working well, I am off of my oxygen and using very little of my inhalers. My health, in general, has improved greatly with JC Tonic and I take two monodoses everyday. I am sleeping better and my blood pressure is now down to 130/90.

Lucille, Iowa
I am 77 years old and have been on kidney dialysis for 2 years following a bout with kidney infections, surgery and failure. I was expected to degenerate somewhat, but after a prayer of “Lord, Help me,” I got this call from Carolin Hallada in Wisconsin. I began to take the JC Tonic in May, hoping to divert or halt painful aches in my hands. I had had several injuries and surgeries on my hands.
Carolin told me it was a WHOLE body tonic and would benefit individual cells in my body. Set on conquering arthritis, I started taking the tonic a few drops in a quart of water, hoping not to disturb other balances because I was on dialysis. Since I improved and felt much better in a short time, I gradually increased to ½ ounce per day. I noticed I was getting stronger and more able to work nearly a full day while I had needed to stop often to rest.
In a short time, the nurse at dialysis began to be confused since I was not coming in with as much water in my system. They told me I was not drinking enough, but I wondered—I was expelling a lot more water in the bathroom and some (part of the time) was even tinted a the light yellow, indication filtering. I didn’t dare share this because I had to be sure.
Blood tests began showing a good potassium level and yesterday I was told the blood tests showed improved hemoglobin. My blood pressure is never high.
Now they are beginning to take off less fluid and I feel so much better as extraction of all the fluid was always so painful for me. But now I come in with virtually little or no excess fluid. I urinate now, wonderful side effect! My arthritis – it’s not gone yet, but it’s not getting any worse and I’m not yet even up to speed taking a full or larger dose.

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