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Regina and Doug, Arkansas
In November of 2000, Doug and I received a phone call from a lady that discussed with us the properties of Jurak Classic Whole Body Tonic. We had no clue what she was talking about, but something in the conversation began to make a little sense to us.
You see that past summer I, Regina, had started to change my diet in the hopes of eliminating some of my pain and low blood sugar. I was also charting my monthly cycle for a long time before this in the hopes that we could conceive a child. At this point, Doug and I had been married for 8 years with little hope of that one blessed event ever becoming a reality for us. We were pretty discouraged.
When Marlene Rawls started talking about balancing our bodies, we started to pay closer attention. We were a little guarded about taking JC Tonic at first, not wishing to get our hopes up again only to hear that I could not conceive. As the months progressed, I began to notice some important things happening. One of the first things, among many others, was how easy and different my monthly cycles became. I continued the charting and paid close attention to how my body was reacting to the tonic. During this time, we noticed that Doug was also feeling different. He wasn’t so tired anymore, and his moods were so much better. Our hope was renewed that we both could achieve a balanced body.
The day came when we could hardly dare hope that all we were doing was going to pay off. By all indications WE WERE PREGNANT. I wanted to shout to everyone, “It really happened!” but we had to wait and see if this was the real thing. We employed a midwife to be with me throughout the pregnancy and birth. Many times she was just amazed at my progress. Her comment to me was, “You have had a perfect pregnancy.” I only took JC Tonic during the whole time and changed a few things in my diet. There was great encouragement from our whole JC Tonic family.
On October 28th 2001, a beautiful little girl was given to us. Her name is Esther Marlene Andrews. She came out with both hands on her head so there was nothing to stop her shoulders. Her grandmother said, “She came out shouting, Hallelujah.” I think she was asking for her JC Tonic, but I took JC Tonic during the entire labor process. I could feel it speed up the process every time I took JC Tonic for energy. Esther Marlene is still very alert, observant, and such a happy JC Tonic baby.
As for Doug and me, we are doing very well. We are coping with a new wonderful baby, a new wonderful balanced body, and a new wonderful JC Tonic business and life.

Catarina, Nevada
With my baby close to celebrating her first year, I wanted to share with all of you how wonderful I have felt consuming JC Tonic both while I was pregnant and still today as I continue to nurse our little Catarina. Many Ambassadors of Health have asked if I consumed JC Tonic while I was pregnant - absolutely! If I didn't, I fear I would not have done as great as I did.
Catarina, we can say, was the first true blue JC Tonic baby since both my husband, Justino, and I have been drinking our tonic every day for almost four years now. Of course, I did tell my obstetrician that I was drinking JC Tonic and he was quite open to the idea that since the tonic had given me such tremendous energy, allowed me to sleep peacefully and made me have such a great disposition, then it certainly could not be harmful to our baby, but he nevertheless wanted to verify the ingredients and after he did so, he had no reservation about my consuming JC Tonic.
I must say that throughout the entire pregnancy, I felt super. I never had any morning sickness, never felt nauseated, never had one craving, slept well, had the energy to exercise, and worked right until the day Catarina was born. Even after she was born, I was back on the job, working from home just a few days later, and that's after having a C-Section. Many of you may not know this, but for about eight months Catarina came to work with me each and every day. She, in fact, became the JCWW baby. Everyone just enjoyed him tremendously! She is such a great baby that it was rather easy to have her at the office. She simply ate, slept and played.
Catarina received the health-giving benefits of JC Tonic from the onset of her life to this very day. Now, since I don't nurse her as often, I make sure she gets a few drops in each milk bottle every day. No more than twelve little drops a day and Catarina sleeps all night (from birth), is playful, is attentive, eats well and, according to her pediatrician, is the poster child for perfect health.
All I can say is that between both of my pregnancies, I assure you that during the one I consumed JC Tonic, I certainly felt great and do see enormous differences in the temperament and health of Catarina to my daughter born seven years ago when I wasn't drinking JC Tonic.

Annette, Texas
My husband and I own a 99-cent store in Wharton, TX. One day this couple came in that I had never seen before and started asking if I was familiar with herbs. I replied that I knew very little, but my husband was into all that. So they came back in a couple of days, convinced my husband to try an ounce and see how he felt.
My husband takes good care of himself and takes herbs and vitamins, but he was intrigued with the 18 by-directional herbs in just one ounce of JC Tonic a day. Within an hour and a half, the pain was gone from my husband’s feet and legs from walking on a concrete floor all day.
He was convinced! I am 25 years old and, being into my last four weeks of pregnancy, we wanted extra assurance of a healthy baby, so I began taking an ounce a day, knowing my baby was getting JC Tonic as well.
This will be my third child and the doctors were inducing labor, so outside of the hospital before I went in, I took two mono-doses. Seven hours later, I was still pain free and only had to put up with natural child birthing pains for the last hour! A total of 8 hours, and I made it with JC Tonic.
My beautiful baby boy is wide-eyed, alert and healthy! Hospital personnel kept remarking about our healthy baby, and we proudly told everyone it was all due to Jurak Classic Whole Body Tonic. We became Ambassadors in October, and we sell JC Tonic very fast in our store.
We are a part of impacting everyone’s health from pregnancy to the golden years!

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