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Edna, Colorado
I am 86 and have more energy. Also, my sister, Ruth Burke, has had such good results. She has not taken a sleeping pill for four weeks. Her back was rough and the tonic left her with a smooth back, like a babies bottom. Also, her strength is coming back.

Charles, North Carolina
I had pancreatitis and last year spent a total of 52 days in the hospital, 3 separate times. When I got out of the hospital, I had a feeding tube. I was taking four to six shots of insulin per day. I was on acid-reflux medicine and two high blood pressure medications. Basically, when I got out of the hospital I had four tubes coming out of me. I was not doing very well at all. I had gone 39 days without food or water because I could not take anything through my stomach. When the home health nurse came, my wife, Eva, had to learn how to operate the pump which pumped food into my stomach. I was on the feeding tube from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.
I was introduced to JC Tonic and my wife started putting the tonic into my feeding tube. I started off with one and then up to two ounces, getting up to three or four ounces of tonic per day. About ten days later, I was able to get up and walk without the assistance of anyone or anything. In thirteen days I was going out and have been going out ever since. I remember the day I came into the kitchen and did a leap, kicking up my feet. I have been on the tonic ever since. It is the first thing that goes into my stomach every morning.
When I went to visit my doctor for a final check up, I wish I had a picture of his expression when he saw me. He said, "You look good," and he did not take his eyes off of me. He walked around me to his desk, sat down and he was just staring at me like he couldn't believe what was happening. I showed him the tonic I was taking. He told me to keep on doing what I was doing. He also said that usually it takes six to nine months before you can really start going and that I have done it in six months. I said, "No, Doctor, remember I had my operation in June and this is only September. I really did it in 3 months." That really astounded him.

Lottie, Wisconsin
I am 82 years old and have been drinking JC Tonic for four and a half months. I had a bad back and was in the Mayo Clinic three times. Some of the doctors were considering surgery because my bones were so very brittle. It was hard for me to get in and out of a car. Now that I have been on the tonic, I have no problem getting in and out of the car. My back is so much stronger now. I have more energy. Why? Because I sleep so much better. I had a buzzing in my ears and that has improved. I was losing so much hair that I was going bald in one spot in the back of my head and was in the process of getting a wig. Lo and behold, in about four weeks I noticed that my hair was coming in. I am blonde again and I love it. I rinse my hair with tonic in a little water and it feels so clean. Color has returned to my face. I usually get a cold this time of year but I did not. So many people were getting the flu, but not me. One more thing, I put a few drops of JC Tonic in the water for my geraniums and you should see the buds and my poinsettia will probably still be blooming for Thanksgiving. I will stay on JC Tonic for the rest of my life and I plan to live until I am 100.

Laura, Arkansas
The tonic has led me to have strength in my legs, which would hurt at night causing me to lose sleep. JC Tonic has relaxed my muscles and has given me the strength to build up my legs, my muscles, my arms and it helps my blood to flow better. Also, it has helped my hair thicken up and I sleep better at night. My sight is clearing and it has just been a blessing. I take thyroid medication, but JC Tonic sure has helped it a lot, along with my blood pressure.
My husband, Eddie, had poor circulation. JC Tonic has strengthened his legs and muscles quite well, and has pulled down a lot of swelling out of our legs and feet. Also, the tonic does not keep us up at night, so we sleep and rest better. It has just done many great things.
JC Tonic has been a blessing. My daughter is taking it also and she is 33. I have two grandsons, nine and twelve, and they take it. We have nine in all and are all taking it. They love it! We are thankful for having a product like JC Tonic and we thank Phil Harris for introducing it to us.

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