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Jackie, Colorado
I have been taking JC Tonic since December of 1999. I did not feel it was doing anything for me, until I stopped taking it for a month. Before the tonic, I had bad back pain, I could not sleep at night and my nerves were bad, but I did not notice it until I was off the tonic and became really depressed. Then I realized what the tonic did for me.

William, Canada
Since I began taking the tonic, my sleep has improved and I wake up more rested every morning, which helps with my stress levels. I find that I am not making nightly trips to the bathroom, which allows me a good six to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. Also, my general health has improved and my ability to do a full day’s work has been enhanced.

Deborah, Florida
I started using Jurak Classic Whole Body Tonic because I was stressed out, fatigued, and aching under the bottom of my feet. My friend and co-worker heard me complaining, and then shared with me JC Tonic. After taking the tonic for a couple of days I began to feel like my old self again. I was full of energy and ready to go exercise on a daily basis. Now my stress level is at an all time low. Thank you JC Tonic.

Cherie, North Dakota
JC Tonic is the most amazing product I have ever taken. I was a dietician for ten years and I am currently an RN in a hospital setting and have tried many products. I have always had stress in my life and would often find myself "frazzled" by days end! JC Tonic has a way of hitting all system in your body and especially for me, it has balanced my nervous system. I'm much calmer and my mood is stable. My neck tension, which I had experienced for years, is completely gone. I have lost fifteen pounds, with a decrease in cravings and also benefited from a normal hormonal balance for the first time in my life.

Karen A. Dryden
I just started using the tonic three days ago and I really feel the difference. I have been having problems with my eyes, such as redness, soreness, and blurred vision. I really do feel a difference. I also notice that I am not so stressed, so I will continue using the tonic.

Guy, Arizona
For nearly 30 years of my life, I have been involved in a very physically and mentally stressful profession. I have had problems with my back, knees and feet for 13 years and have not found relief with any medications. About four months ago, I was introduced to JC Tonic and almost immediate results occurred. Within hours, my aching joints felt relieved. After a few months of drinking my daily dosage, I am handling my stress better. After work, I can get down on the floor with my beautiful granddaughter and play with her. My life is more enjoyable and I actually look forward to waking up in the mornings. Thank you JC Tonic!

Susie, Colorado
I am so glad that I was introduced to JC Tonic. My energy level improved right away and my mental energy is grounded. I used to be like a wet noodle, ready to cry at anything. I still have everyday stresses, but I feel in control of them now.

Sarah, Arkansas
I am a single mother, who does housecleaning for a living. In October of 2000, I was in pain. I was flat on my back for three weeks. Medical recommendation was a series of three shots each six weeks apart. I took the first shot. I still had to be very careful how much work I could do.
Regina Andrews had told me about her dad taking the tonic and he had no pain after five days. But, before the six weeks were up, and before the second shot was due, I was in pain. I decided to try the tonic. I was going away for the evening. I stopped in at Doug and Regina’s house for two strips of tonic. I had to sit for three hours that evening, but when I went home, I had more energy and I had no pain all evening.
I had been unable to live without taking something for allergies and stress. Now I have no problems with allergies and with spring here, I am working at gardening, lawn mowing, and housecleaning to cope much better with the stresses of life and after four months now, I am beginning to lose weight.

Betty, North Dakota
It is funny how life’s unexpected experiences sometimes shape a person’s destiny. Life has been an exciting adventure each day since I received knowledge of Jurak Classic Whole Body Tonic. I honestly feel I now have very good health. I do not get sick. I am a Registered Nurse, working on a critical care unit with multi-system failure patients. I work long hours, many times double shifts. I do not even get a cold or flu-like symptoms. I have boundless energy, and again, with all stress of nursing, I do not get sick!!
JC Tonic has increased resistance to infectious disease by enhancing my immune system. In the last few weeks, almost half of our staff has had the flu or pneumonia. My boss mentioned that she can always count on me, as I do not get sick. I have not even had a stuffy nose.
Other benefits I have personally seen are keen mental alertness, more normal metabolic energy, and improved eyesight. When my husband and I had our eyes tested last month, we were told we were wearing glasses that had been over corrected; they were too strong for our eyes! The ophthalmologist told me that was why we were noticing a difficulty in seeing. We were given lenses that had considerably less correction and now we see better. The difficulty in seeing with the old glasses came about, after two months of taking JC Tonic.
As we serve one other, with caring, and spreading the information about the many people who have seen improved health, we are planting seeds of hope. By calling a friend, or sharing with the sickest person you meet, JC Tonic is introduced to a world that desperately needs wellness and balance.

Barbara, Colorado
My husband, Romeo, and I will be married five years in December and working on forever. We firmly believe that JC Tonic is responsible for our feelings of well being. We are not as tense or nervous as before and we do not anger as quickly at one another, as we once did. These positive feelings of well being that we are now experiencing has helped us to feel better and treat each other a lot nicer, thereby helping us keep our marriage vows.

Joan, Colorado
Thank you Anthony for giving us wonderful JC Tonic. I have been taking it since February of 2000 and my lungs feel better, so I breathe better. I had intermittent sacroiliac discomfort for years and it is gone! I cannot believe how good my back feels.
Since July, my vision has been steadily getting stronger, particularly my depth perception of near objects in relation to far-away objects. My disposition has improved remarkably and petty annoyances no longer irritate me as before, so I find I am much better able to cope with stressful situations, calmer. I know it is the tonic.
Also, friends have been asking me lately if I have lost weight. No, I have not, but it seems I am losing inches and I am looking slimmer. JC Tonic is toning my whole body.

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