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William, Canada
Since I began taking the tonic, my sleep has improved and I wake up more rested every morning, which helps with my stress levels. I find that I am not making nightly trips to the bathroom, which allows me a good six to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. Also, my general health has improved and my ability to do a full day’s work has been enhanced.

Veronica, Colorado
I used to have stomach pain, so I took two monodoses a day and it really got things moving with no pain. Some days, I could not walk, but now I have no problems walking. Also, I have had trouble with my bladder; I could not hold my urine and when I did, it was only a few drops. That has changed. JC Tonic gives me energy. I used to not want to do anything.

Harry, Virginia
As the author of my best selling “Near Death Survivor” book “THE LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL”, I first of all want to introduce a small segment from the introduction on page three and I quote: “From the minute we are born, we are of course beginning to die. When we think about this, as we grow older, we know it is true and accept it as a rueful reality. We also hope the process of gradually dying, inevitable as it is, will be long and enjoyable, but the length of our life depends on the parts of our body lasting the course and not coming to a painful and premature end.”
In my case, part of me was coming to an end or a worsening condition. I was getting up at night, far too frequently, with a resultant lack of sleep and the irritability that went with it. Dan D’Agostino, who purchased a copy of my book and who turned out to be a fervent believer in the JCWW philosophy of Sempre Viva, was instrumental in my taking JC Tonic, with immediate favorable results. After only three or four doses, my sleep patterns greatly improved and my visits to the bathroom in the middle of the night grew less and less.
In addition, at age 85, the brown spots on the back of my hands began to fade away. I credit JC Tonic and Dan for the obvious improvement in my health and my natural desire to tell as many other people, who may be having problems about its proven efficacy. To improve the health of someone like me, who is 85% of the way to becoming a centenarian is veritably a signal event.

Anna, North Dakota
My husband says I am the thinker of the family. It always takes me a long time to make up my mind. I’m told it’s the Norwegian in me! So, when my brother and sister-in-law started talking about this wonderful tonic they were taking, I put my “thinking cap” on.
They were so convincing about it and had all kinds of papers telling me many things about JC Tonic; I had no choice but to listen. When they left, I read all the information they had given me that night. We started out with the one box for both my husband and I, taking a half monodose a day to start. I started to feel a change within a few days. I was not as tired and for the first time in many years, I felt like getting out of bed in the morning.
After a week, I started to take a whole ounce each morning. I began to be more aware of what was going on, more alert! I also discovered I slept better at night. Instead of getting up to the bathroom every 30 minutes or so, I was now only getting up once or twice a night!
No one can tell me that JC Tonic has not helped me in more ways than one! I am going to take it as long as I can. I expect to see even more improvements, especially when the weather gets nicer and I can walk outside. I am a “heavy person” and expect (or hope) to drop some weight. I just had a birthday (56th) and find it is hard to loose weight at this stage of the game. We will see what I look like by the end of summer with God, JC Tonic and I. We are going to be a team to watch.

Richard, Wisconsin
I hurt my right shoulder in 1993 and was painful everyday of the week. I started taking JC Tonic and after the fourth day, my shoulder pain stopped and I can move it freely, which I could not do for the past seven years.
I am 58-years-old and also have had some prostate problems. I used to get up about three times a night to make a trip to bathroom, but after a week on JC Tonic, I only get up once a night and sometimes not at all.

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