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Jean, Colorado
When I first took the tonic, I got very sleepy. I thought, “Wait a minute. I am supposed to be getting energy,” but I kept taking it, because my husband, Lenny, was so full of energy. I was over-whelmed with sleepiness for about a week, so I took the tonic at night. When the sleepiness went away, I did not seem to feel anything great, but I took it anyway and complained to Lenny that it was not doing anything for me.
About five months went by and then I realized that for two years, I had not been able to sleep at night and this might be why I was so sleepy at first. Now, I sleep all night and wake up early with no problem.
I have had chronic fatigue all my life. I noticed I was going for a longer period without tiring out. My hair is thicker, my nails have grown stronger and longer, and my heart does not flutter at night. I feel stronger and I have a good feeling of well-being.
I am so grateful for Anthony and Roger and for all the hard work they put into getting JC Tonic out to the people and we will do our best to do the same.

Gerald, Wisconsin
I have been on JC Tonic for over six months. A friend called and told me how JC Tonic was helping her, so I decided to try it and to my amazement, it started to clean out the toxins from my body. After a week, I stated to get more energy. The dark circles around my eyes have disappeared and I am now getting more deep sleep and having good dreams. The pain in my knee is less and I am now able to mow the lawn and rake the leaves. I thank God for the tonic, which balances my body and my heart. I have a new sense of well being and will continue taking my tonic. Thank you Roger and Anthony for coming to Wisconsin and teaching us about the great benefits of the 18 tonic herbs that give us good health.

Gloria, Georgia
I want to tell you how much your product has helped me. I am 71-years-old. I work part-time and the rest of my time is filled with Christian activities.
As I grow older, I realize that I cannot keep up the pace I’ve had for years. I was introduced to your product and it made a great difference in my vitality and sense of well-being. However, as soon as I felt better I stopped taking JC Tonic. THAT WAS A MISTAKE, because after a while, the extreme tiredness returned.
Recently I was with some friends and one of them mentioned how much better she felt since she started taking JC Tonic. THAT WAS THE CLINCHER!! I went straight home and resumed taking the tonic.
What can I tell you? I’m feeling like my old self again! Thank you, Anthony and Chester King, for sharing a secret of how to keep going and feeling younger.

April, Colorado
I have been on JC Tonic for one month and so far I have noticed more energy, a better attitude, softer skin and an over all sense of well being. I also lost 12 pounds.

Fredric, Nebraska
I have been taking JC Tonic for 11 months. The results have just been terrific! When I took my first ounce of JC Tonic, I noticed that my sinuses started to drain down my throat about 30 minutes after taking it. Now I can actually breathe better without the clogged sinuses or headaches that came along with sinus problems. I also had some digestive problems, and I have noticed that since I started taking JC Tonic, I am regular.
When I started driving a garbage truck about one month before getting on JC Tonic, my knees began to hurt really bad, and I noticed some swelling in them. I went to the doctor; he did some X-rays and said he couldn’t find anything. He gave me some medicine, but I didn’t take it. I wanted to see if JC Tonic was going to take care of this problem. And it did! About two months later, I felt no more pain and all the swelling had gone.
Along with increased energy, more alertness, and a calmer sense of well-being, this product has lived up to what it was supposed to and much more. I feel better each and every month, thanks to JC Tonic. I want to thank my sponsor, Valerie Long, for sharing this product and business opportunity with my family, and I hope that we all continue to "Give The People Of The World What They Need Before They Know They Need It".

Barbara, Colorado
My husband, Romeo, and I will be married five years in December and working on forever. We firmly believe that JC Tonic is responsible for our feelings of well being. We are not as tense or nervous as before and we do not anger as quickly at one another, as we once did. These positive feelings of well being that we are now experiencing has helped us to feel better and treat each other a lot nicer, thereby helping us keep our marriage vows.

Clarence, Colorado
I have been taking JC Tonic for only two months now, and I have seen remarkable changes in my body. I have started jogging around a park near our house and I am more alert. I sleep better and enjoy life much more, now that I feel better.
I am so glad I have finally found something that makes me feel great and I am grateful for what the tonic has done for me. I am looking forward to life now, whereas before I was looking toward a life in a nursing home. Thank you Anthony and Robert Rusciano for caring and introducing my family and I to this great herbal tonic.

Dorothy, Florida
I started drinking your tonic in July. At that time, I was in pain, in bed and after two to three weeks, I was feeling energized and had a sense of well-being. The pain is almost gone now and I feel great. Everyone tells me I look younger and better. Thank You.

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